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Data Governance is the overall managementof the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures.

Data Governance is not a Project which has start date and an end date. Data Governance is a Program which is a must in some industry and with is good to have in other industries. If an organization is looking to start a Data Governance program, its advisible to start as a project for one year and later make it a program.

IT should not be the only decision maker in choosing a Self Service BI Tool, it should be choosen by IT & Business Units. Recommended method is to make the IT System admin, DWH Team, Business Analyst from the business units to work on the trial version of gartner recommended Self Service BI Tool’s. Each Organization has its own requirements, so its difficulty to recommend a specific tool from a specific provider.
This is based on the maturity of the organization, if the current usage of data is mainly for regular reporting purpose, then you dont need a Data Lake, if there is no centralized data team in an organization then EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) is not required, if a centralized data team exists but the scope is limited to specific business unit then EDW is not required, Functional Data Marts or Functional DWH are better in this case.

There is no specific scope of a “Data Team” in an organization. Its recommended to define a scope of “Data Team” based on the needs of an Organization.

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